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Powerfully engineered

VTX400P & C

VTX400P & C at 0 static pressure

220 CFM

VTX400P & C air performance graph

VTX400P & C accessories


Mounting Bracket (MBK 95)

Backdraft Damper (4”)


All VTX products incorporate motors suitable for 120 Volts AC 60Hz electrical supply only

Performance certified is for installation type D - Ducted inlet, Ducted outlet. Speed (RPM) shown is nominal. Performance is based on actual speed of test. Performance ratings include the effects of appurtenances (accessories) Inlet Duct, Inlet Bell, Outlet Duct

VTX400P & C performance data

CONFORMS TO UL 507 and CSA C22.2 no.113 

Fan air flow performance shall be based on tests conducted in accordance with AMCA Standard 211 and shall be licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Ratings label

4" Lint Trap

Dryer duct boosting is typically required when duct length exceeds:

When is a dryer duct booster required?

Every bend is equal to 5 linear feet.

When installing a clothing dryer duct exhaust system, please ensure to follow all applicable building codes and manufacture’s recommendations.

Ideal clothing dryer venting arrangements with short duct length are often not possible. Both commercial and residential clothing dryers should normally dry the clothing in a timely matter. Due to venting restrictions, clothing dryers with longer duct lengths will typically take a longer time to dry and consequently consume more power. An inline vent boosting blower is a smart solution to this problem.

Dry Facts

2 different typical installations

Roof or Wall exhaust

Roof exhaust

Wall exhaust

Weight : 8.8 lbs.

VTX400P weight & dimensions

Weight : 7.4 lbs.

VTX400C weight & dimensions

Vortex Powerfans VTX400P & VTX400C inline blowers, for 4 in diameter duct, are ideal to solve the problems caused by long duct runs on clothes dryers. In a clothing dryer application, when the dryer is turned on, the VTX400P and VTX400C will automatically turn on.


The VTX400P has a built in automatic pressure switch that detects when air is flowing through the ventilation duct. It will automatically turn on for a period of 10 minutes and shut off for a period of 15 seconds and turn back on if there is still positive pressure from the dryer.


The VTX400C is supplied with a current sensor that detects when the dryer is turned on to automatically activate the fan. The current sensor is available either with or without a five minute turn off time delay.