Ventilation Products

Manufactured with only the finest high porosity activated carbon, the PROfilters 45s and 70s effectively remove 99.5% of volatile organic compounds. The factory installed high capacity PREfilter eliminates bigger particles such as dust to prevent premature usage of the carbon. Rated for a continuous worry-free operation, light weight and its compact dimensions, make the PROfilters 45s and 70s ideal for residential filtration.

Industrial activated carbon filter for heavy duty applications

PROfilter (Non-Reversible)

All PROfilters have a Max Operating Temperature of 175°F.

All PROfilter products come with a PREfilter included.

Downloadable PROfilter 'Non-Reversible' PDF File

High porosity virgin extruded activated carbon 4mm.

Specially designed to remove VOC. 66mm bed thickness.

High quality galvanized steel.

High quality galvanized perforated steel.

High capacity prefilter

- 20mm thickness

- Low air resistance

- Antibacterial

- High capacity: 670g / M2

- Flame retardant